Everyone interested in becoming members of the Spartan Model Group or joining group shoot events with members of the Spartan Model Group is required to complete the pre-shoot screening and interview process first by taking a moment to follow the super simple and easy steps below.



Step 1:


Watch some or all of the video testimonials on the TCP YouTube Channel. Watch at least three to hear the perspective of some of the different women who have modeled as members of the Spartan Model Group already.

Then if you haven't already make sure to watch this 10-minute video testimonial.


Step 2:

Read this PDF/Document which is a general overview of all the different ongoing portfolio projects and efforts including funding efforts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dj2ZJHd6EYSp3I7iappgtysx44qWKFq3ujixweoV8kQ/edit?usp=sharing

Step 3:

Make sure to add the photographer on Facebook and join both the True Creations Photography LLC group page and the fan page on Facebook. Because this will be a vital step in helping to keep the circling spinning beyond the shoots by making it possible for you to see, comment on and share posts made through the TCP on a daily basis. You can do this simply by clicking the FB tab here on the website.


Step 4:

In addition to the video testimonials found by completing STEP 1, you'll also find reading this news article helpful. https://www.connectsavannah.com/savannah/women-as-warriors/Content?oid=5003666&fbclid=IwAR3rYOJ0dofQ-wNlAw8FVgBz_VioWAbN5H7-S4xksfPldwdysOULPx9VDqk

In addition to watching this 10 minute documentary about the photographer. https://vimeo.com/273410437/6c06092608?fbclid=IwAR0EhfNfGr2lyhBykYdN_6LcMCmH2-dNuX-C4Nyx0qjjguazBjDQlqLTg2Q

Step 5: 

Take a moment to look through the password-protected nude sample gallery.   You will need to reach out to Nicholas Seward directly for the password that changes every few weeks and verify who you are in addition to why you need the $200 password.

Step 6:

After completing Steps 1-5 remember that no two musicians or photographers are the same so even if you have done 100 different nude shoots with amazing photographers. Moving forward let go of all your preassumptions about how you think the shoot will be or will make you feel and take a moment to call Nicholas Seward in order to have a conversation with him directly by completing a 15 to 20-minute interview.


Make to text him before calling him to let him know who you are and why you trying to reach out to him. Understanding that he has 25 years of experience studying and practicing photography and 14 years of experience working with over 2000 people as a full-time traveling nude portrait photographer keeping him busy with this being his full-time job and career. 912.257.0811

You must call in order to complete the interview half of the pre-shoot screening and interview process remembering to complete Steps 1-5 first before calling.