About Nicholas Seward

Nicholas Seward is able to offer a variety of photography services from Concert Events, Wedding, Engagement to Family, Maternity and Newborn Portraits along with Boudoir, Elegant Nude and Fine Art Nude portrait sessions.

With continued studies and more than a decade of daily experience when you hire True Creations Photography you are guaranteed to love the results because Nicholas Seward is dictated to creating the most memorable and creative portraits for you.     




From Marisa Carver

To whom it may concern, I have had the honor to witness Nicholas develop as an artist and as a person before True Creations had a name.  It has truly been an amazing experience.  In the years I've known Nicholas he has turned passion into a true art form.  This passion shows in every moment and emotion he captures.

Nicholas is always respectable to the subject in his photographs and friends he has worked with while taking them.  I have been on both sides of the camera with Nicholas and he always makes it an unforgettable experience.  Anyone with a chance to share in the love Nicholas puts into everything he does would be an idiot to pass it up.



Marisa Carver 

Estee Lauder Advisor/Counter Manger and Mayhem Like Me Productions Manager 



From Koral Vowell

My name is Koral Vowell and I am providing you with a personal/professional reference for photographer and artist Nicholas Seward.  I have known Nick for about 10 years now and he has always been a really good friend.  I even knew Nick before he started True Creations Photography.  He has always been true and honest and passionate about his work.

I had the pleasure to work with Nick on a photo shoot and they are some of my favorite photos! I encourage you to work with Nick because it is a fun experience and you will end up with some great photos!  You will also be helping out a great and talented artist.


Thank You

Koral Vowell 



From Katrina Kissell

Hello, my name is Katrina Kissell.  To whom it may concern, I am writing in reference to Nicholas Seward of True Creations Photography.  In the past I had the opportunity to have a few contracted photo shoots with Nicholas.  I model nude on multiple occasions in both group and as the singular subject.  

Each photo shoot was a great experience where I got to travel to a new beautiful location and on occasion meet new and beautiful people.  Plus the actual process was a very spontaneous and fun, Nicholas' ability to balance professionalism with very natural interaction helped keep a comfortable and relaxed environment.

The photos themselves are lovely, very tasteful and creative, but in the end I see them as just a bonus to the self-confidence I gained from just embracing my body enough to let it be the subject matter for his photographic artwork.

It truly did make me feel beautiful to see a well taken photograph of myself, fit to be framed and hung on a wall, instead of just another pixelated phone selfie.  I look at myself different way after seeing what I look like through the camera and artist eye, an experience I would not have had without Nicholas's talent.



Katrina Amaranth Kissell

Independent Contractor at Amaranth Artistry 


Amber Smith

As someone with no prior modeling experience and the idea that all models have to be a size zero to photograph well, I was very reluctant to work with Nick at first.  Even with knowing this great guy for years I an idea of what to expect and it turned out to be the complete opposite.

He helped me mentally prepare for nude & semi-nude shots I had reservations about doing and by the end of each shoot all of my nerves had disappeared.  Nick has a way of photographing you that makes you feel beautiful and see a side of yourself that you don't always see in the mirror.  He is very meticulous about making sure that every shot he goes with has amazing artistic expression.

I am proud to call him a friend and would recommend to anyone that he is the photographer to meet their needs.


Amber Smith

Graphic & Web Designer



From Tiffany Cousssens


I have worked with Nicholas on SEVERAL occasions.  He did three separate maternity shoots with me, two being nude and two separate newborn shoots as well.  He was extremely professional and very talented.  My favorite shoot was my maternity shoot in which Nicholas asked me to bring my boxing gloves.  I really didn't want to bring them as I could not fathom his vision, I had left the sport to have children and felt very passionate about leaving my boxing career and new chapter of motherhood separate.  Nicholas captured what it is to be a mother and up until this point what it is to be a warrior.  Being a women, pregnancy, motherhood all require a toughness, a grit, a fighting spirit, and Nicholas was able to capture that.... He empowered me through this one image that I hope inspires other women as well.



Tiffany Coussens




From Jane Coey

My name is Jane Coey and I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas and helping him with a few of his portfolio projects.  We were by no means familiar with each other and he messaged me one day asking if I would be interesting in modeling for him.  Of course the first thing to cross my mind was "why me?" but he made it so clear that it would be a pleasant experience and I would feel completely comfortable with him behind the camera.

I've had my photo taken a few times by different photographers and it wasn't something I wanted to be doing again or volunteer myself to do.  However when Nicholas and I started working together it was fun, so natural and comfortable, yet professional.  It has been an all around enjoyable experience working with such a passionate photographer and artist such as Nicholas and I have received some amazing photographs from my shoots with him.


Jane Coey



From Lila Klinck

To whom it may concern, My name is Lila and I worked with Nicholas several years ago for a nude photo shoot.  This was not only my first time working with Nicholas but also my first time doing a nude shoot.  I am not a professional model or anything but had never done it before, it was one of those "why not" moments.  I was very nervous but Nicholas was very professional and made me feel very comfortable.


The photos turned out great and it was a fun and exciting experience for myself.  I haven't had the chance to work with him again but given the opportunity I would love to work with him again.  I admire Nick, he's self motivated and incredibly driven.  His work is beautiful and I know he is certainly one that will succeed.


Thanks So Much!

Lila Klinck



Sent May 7, 2014 

The Following Reference Letter is from Alyssa Nickerson


I never thought I’d be comfortable with nude modeling. It’s not the idea of nudity that acted as aversion; the human body was never seen as shameful in my family. If I found nudity an affront, then honestly, I imagine I’d never have attended art school – and frankly, there’s little in the world more reminiscent of freedom (that elusive and ephemeral concept held so dear) than the act of being without clothes, especially in a natural environment. I’ve skinny-dipped in the Outer Banks and several other spots of varying seclusion; I’ve body-painted and been body-painted, I’ve strolled and soaked up the sun amongst throngs of bodies on nude beaches. But there’s something about the idea of being naked in front of a camera lens, as well as the retinas of its operator, that intimidated – and perhaps even frightened – me.


With Nick Seward, however, these fears were alleviated almost instantaneously. This is not just because of my friendship with this talented artist.  Rather, his professionalism and passion for photography lend themselves to the birth of a new form of poetry, one that seeks to disseminate its message by seizing the pupil with sudden and surreal beauty.  A serenity, akin to a natural zen, infuses his images with persistent and persuasive poignancy, like a whisper wound skillfully around your eardrum. However, his aim is not merely to create these photographic pinpricks of beauty – the message that lingers beneath the lilting reeds and luminescent scenes that define True Creations photography is real: vibrating, pulsing with urgency, begging to be heard not through words but vision in all of its forms.   


Unlike so many of his more superficial contemporaries (whose work may often be seen plastered upon the pages of girly magazines), Nick transforms the simple scenes he shoots into pictorial mantras that permeate the soul and strive to provide empowerment for women, a sex stricken with plastic images of what they must be in order to be beautiful. Nick’s photography strips superficiality from reality, reminding us of the true nature of beauty: its mutability and universality in the unique aspects of each individual. Personality is power, is its own poetry, his portfolio exclaims – each flaw is a fortune all its own.



Alyssa Nickerson